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The Code Master is dedicated to help programmers and web developers create their projects with ease and speed, because we all know that time is money in this hectic world. So, if you’re developing something, why start from scratch? The Code Master wants to help you by sharing web solutions and ideas with a visual approach, so the learning process is both accessible and informative. Let us work together for the best strategies for web development, where we can all learn from each other in the most innovative and interesting ways.

My name is Luciano Sampaio and I’m a Brazilian born and raised web developer. I graduated from the University Tiradentes also know as UNIT in 2006 with a Computer Science degree and I also have more than 10 years of workplace experience under my belt, predominately specializing in web development. Currently, I am living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I am doing my Master at PUC-Rio, where I focus on Software Engineering. I have a passion for teaching, believing that the more you teach, the more you learn.

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  1. Do you help consultancy guidance to design new approach and build algorithms for securing web applications by preventing SQL injection and XSS.Its required my PhD Degree.Could you interact through SKYPE

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